Friday, August 6, 2010

Our Minds are Many

Our minds are many

and they live and die
like clouds that chase
their shadows in the sky.

Or like a hive
of loyal bees that weave
their pathways
through a cold grey dawn;

return and dance
a royal turn to sign
their findings at the throne
with sure but innocent design.

Our minds are many
not a single vault
of vintage wines
maturing by default.

More like a cave
with one eye to the light
and creatures happy
to be out of sight.

Our minds are many,
like a driven storm
of swallows,
free within their given form.

Our minds are many,
and we are not wise
to heed alone
the one behind our eyes.Posted by Picasa


  1. Love the poem and the photo. The rosy colour shading the clouds is so beautiful.

  2. The poem is reminiscent of the song 'Windmills of Your Mind' -
    "Like the circles that you find;
    in the windmills of your Mind."

    I know for me how distorted my perception can become if I do not share difficult feelings and emotions with another person. I would indeed be unwise to 'heed alone, the one behind my eyes'.

    Smiles and grumbles dear friend

  3. Really great...
    Thanks for all your words of Wisdom Bob and I will email you v.soon with regards to the Dutch Hospital...
    THANKS for thinking of me:-)
    Have a great evening.

  4. Hi Bob, Just wanted to say thanks for the comments on my blog, and for caring. I will keep in touch and see how your blog progresses :)


  5. Dr Awesome manipulator of prose
    Read his words & learn from the pros
    Don't even question his vice or virtue
    This is a man that delivers lyrical kung fu
    He will say what he wants you to hear
    Diplomacy & religion cause him no fear
    I enjoy his honesty he is no snob
    I bow to the greek god Corfubob

    Mr Monkey

  6. Oh, for the gift of graceful lines like what
    The Monkey writes. His couplets torch the soul,
    And other parts perhaps, whereby this bard
    May suffer swelling up of his conceit.

    And we wouldn't want that, would we?

  7. I had to read this profound and lovely piece twice. Out loud. xx

    1. Hello old friend. Revisiting this post almost 5 years later. Now extremely angry at myself for at least two reasons. I threw out the chance to keep in touch, and avoid offending at least two of my treasured 'followers'. I must have forgotten how rewarding your kindness (and that of many others) really was, and stopped posting. And stopped writing verse - but that may have been none too soon given my obsession with being understood. And being grammatical. Hope you are well.


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